Happiness Lives Here

Order Deadline to get product in time for Zoom Class:  February 7, 2021

"Happiness Lives Here" Product list: 

Required Product:

G1221 - Happiness Lives Here Scrapbooking Workshop Kit (or G1221NP if you don’t need memory protectors)

X7264C - Happiness Lives Here Coordinating Cardstock

Product you’ll really want to have: 

Z3559 - Stickles Waterfall

Z4054 - Gold Embellishing Thread

Tools Needed or Tools Used:


Glue dots

Paper Trimmer


Thin 3D foam:  Z3341 - Thin Dots / Z2060 - Thin Tape

Z4220 - Anti Static Pouch (Z3623 - Jars)

Optional Add On Products:

Z3554 - Pink Taffeta Stickles

Z7001 - Blue Belle Glitter Gems (can be added or replace Waterfall Stickles)

Z3676 - Blue Belle Sequins  (can be added or replace Waterfall Stickles)

Z3230 - 3x4 Flip Flaps

X7264D - Picture My Life Cards Happiness Lives Here*

* Interested in Happiness cards? Here is a 18 Card Workshop. This is what you’ll need:
    ZOOM workshop is on Feb 24th @ 7pm MST

   X7264B Happiness Lives Here Paper Pack $6.95

   X7264D Happiness Lives Here PML Cards $6.50

   Z3274 Clear Sparkles $3.50

   Z1263 Bitty Sparkles $3.50

   Z3869 Wood Hearts $5.95

   Z3867 Hugs & Hello wood sentiments $5.95

   CUSTOM12 cardstock $9.95  2 - Paprika, 2 - Flamingo, 2 - Blue Belle, 2 - White (this is what you for sure need but YOU WILL NEED TO FILL IN EXTRA SPOTS WITH SAME COLORS OR EXTRA COLORS TO COMPLETE THE 12 PIECE PACK)

   X254 Cards and Envelopes Value Pack $15.95

    (You will need one white piece measuring 4 1/8” x 3 1/8” for Card10 using the white from the CUSTOM12 pack or cut up a card base for it)

OR  get a pack 1385 White Daisy cardstock $11.95 (9 sheets to make 18 card bases and one piece for C10 - but you’ll have no envelopes)

   Z4189 Intense Black ink pad $9.95

   D1954 So Happy Together stamp set $18.95 - or use any stamp sentiment you have. You only need stamps for 2 cards.

   Z3441 Dual-tip Multi-bond Glue Pen $5.95 (or glue dots for gluing the wood shapes) 

•   Z2060 Thin 3-D foam tape $6.50

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Consultant contact info: 

Diana Veenendaal:  www.diana.closetomyheart.com  Email: artisticudiana@gmail.com

Jen Mahan:  www.jenmahan.closetomyheart.com  Email: Jen@togetherwescrap.com 

Blythe Shupe:  www.blythe.closetomyheart.com  Email: blythe123@msn.com